Blazing the trail through wind and rain, every step of the pioneering Tecom people bears the weight of hardship and passion. Looking back, the development of Tecom is imprinted with both industrious sweat and flowers and honors. Relying on the great attachment and devotion to the motherland through science and technology, Tecom creates a splendid piece of melody of “made by China” with its wisdom.

  • Shenzhen Tecom Biotech Co., Ltd.

    Rm 508, 5/F., Bldg 31, Lianchuang Technology Park, No. 21 Bulan Rd., Nanwan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

    Phone: (+86) 135 0963 1943

    Email: kobe@tecombio.com

  • Tecom Science Corporation

    No. 555 Gaoxin Ave., National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province 330096, China

    Phone: (+86 791) 8811 1613

    Email: sales@tecom-cn.com

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